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Triumph Board Dual Touch, 89" (226.06 cm), с включен софтуер, USB

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89“ DUAL Touch TRIUMPH BOARD 89” DUAL Touch is an interactive whiteboard solution which enables two users to write and draw simultaneously, really bringing presentations to life! Truly multi-touch, requiring no separate multi-user mode setting. Users can write, draw and move objects with a finger, stylus or even a pointer. TRIUMPH BOARD 89” DUAL Touch connects to a computer through a fast USB 2.0 interface or optionally with wireless radio technology with 2,4 GHz, just plug-n-play, making the presentation more interactive and enhancing efficiency. TRIUMPH BOARD 89” DUAL Touch supports Linux, Mac, all Microsoft Windows & multiuser writing and common multi touch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft Win-7. Use simple intuitive finger or hand gestures to toss, rotate or zoom in/out on objects. TRIUMPH BOARD 89” DUAL Touch is based on IR Cell LED Optical technology which uses a combination of IR LEDs and photo transistors that are aligned in pairs around the active surface. These pairs of LEDs and photo transistors cast a grid over this surface. When the surface is touched, the beam of infrared light between the LEDs and the photo transistors is interrupted at the point of touch. This position is converted into an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’ coordinate which the computer then converts into a mouse position. TRIUMPH BOARD 89” DUAL Touch interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms at all levels of educa­tion, in corporate board rooms and training rooms, in professional sports coaching, etc. Interactive whiteboards replace traditional whiteboards, flipcharts and other traditional systems. Features: - True Multi-Touch (Dual input) – two users can write simultaneously without the need of multiuser mode settings - Multi-Touch Gesture Recognition - Low Glare porcelain enameled steel surface – e3 ecological, antibacterial and anti-vandal with cradle to cradle certification - Multipurpose – combines the possibility to control applications with many interactive tools using finger, pointer and stylus or even use the board for writing with traditional dry erase marker - Hotkey removable strip for software tools short cuts - TB Comenius dual writing and educating software that allows full annotation - MS Office annotation tools - MyScript Stylus software for handwriting recognition for easy and keyboard-free typing into any text field, in any application in 85 languages and now also calculator feature - RMeasiteach Next Generation best in class complete teaching and learning software with Text/language/speech/numeracy tools, Multimedia bank (over 4500 items incl. 70 videos), Widgets (40+ mini-applications), Special effects and content (more than 1700 lessons and activities) in 25 languages - High quality, fast speed, precise calibration, easy to mount Specification: EAN: 8592580101175 (USB/ “wireless ready”) Active screen area size: 89” (2265 mm) diagonal Aspect ratio: 16:10 Technology: IR (Infrared) cell LED optical Resolution: 12800x9600 Projection screen area: 1824 x1141 mm, 2151 mm diagonal (with the hotkeys) Board size without packing: 2060 x1244x31 mm (width x height x depth without plastic pen tray) Interface Type USB 2.0 / 2.4 GHz RF Wireless (optional) Cable Length 6 m Working Environment -20 to 40°C Response time: 6ms Power supply: USB DC 5V from PC (optional wireless PC receiver and USB adaptor /220V) Power consumption: < 250 mA (wireless PC receiver 20mA) Temperature Range -20 to 40°C, storage temperature - 40 to 70°C Humidity Operating 30-90% non condensing, storage 0-95%, non condensing Platform: Windows 7, XP and Vista, Linux, MAC Board weight (net): 28 kg Weight incl. packing: 35 kg Warranty 2 years (extended warranty possible based on demand Optional: Stand with Easy Lift system TB Comenius Software To maximize the interaction opportunities, TRIUMPH BOARD 78” DUAL Touch is supplied with TB Comenius software that provides tools and fea­tures specifically designed to enhance the interactive lessons with Microsoft Office & teaching software. TB Comenius together with TRIUMPH BOARD 78” DUAL Touch interactive whiteboards allows one to simultaneously write, perform mouse functions, erase and manipulate and move objects on the interactive whiteboard surface and no special tools are required. TRIUMPH BOARD 78” DUAL Touch and TB Comenius bring classrooms to life and enable you to create your own lesson plans. Edit your lessons by using the multi-functional drag and drop facility. Grab and group objects together, cut and paste them to maximize teaching support. TB Comenius supports annotating and saving your notes directly into several software applications, including MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel...TB Comenius is localized into 24 languages! Software features: - Create, edit and annotate even over live movies - Clipart images, hyperlink, zoom - Arrange, transform, fill and group objects - Modify and customize shapes to your requirements - Screen capture from the PC and insert your own images - Full Screen Tools, Geometry drawings, Protractor, Ruler, Compass - Document camera - And much more MyScript Stylus For any text input that is needed the user can either invoke an on-screen keyboard or utilize the best-in-class handwriting recognition software MyScript, which is included in the package. These input options avoid the need to return to the computer to enter text into programs. MyScript converts handwritten text and drawings entered through a pen, a stylus or a finger into their digital counterpart. Available in 80 languages! RMeasiteach The Next Generation The RM Easiteach Next Generation is a complete whole class teaching and learning application that puts users in the driving seat for creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources. The tools within Easiteach are rich and powerful but easy to use, removing barriers and allowing teachers and students to make the most of their classroom interactive whiteboards, Built-in widgets and multimedia assets in a range of topic areas help fuel ideas and bring lessons to life. Create and prepare resources well in advance of lessons to use Easiteach as a high-end narration tool to support classes. Its wide range of content can be used or adapted to suit users’ needs. A powerful and flexible software application for creating and delivering motivational, interactive lessons, Easiteach provides a wide range of cross-curricular teaching tools in both primary and secondary contexts. Easiteach has been designed specifically for education and whole-class teaching, and can be used throughout schools across a wide range of subjects. http://www.triumphboard.com/media/uploads/documents/Datasheets_Low/ENG/datasheet_triumph_board_89_dual_touch.pdf

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